Date: 18:31:03 on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 [Post edited: 18:34:57 05/10/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: darn

I'm just a servant of the forums; sucks cause now I can't misbehave anymore.

So, myself- I'd probably let this one stand anyways, at least as an example of the evils in our midst; the awareness of these kind of scams is good for everyone. Most of us guests/members are just visiting, but domain owners/leasers(some may be among us) are also prey for these net vultures. Domain fees are a smaller fraction of the total cost of maintaining a site after factoring in hardware infrastructure, work, and time invested so, most any one can hold a domain name quite cheaply. Some will be priced higher, of course; demand factors may include anticipated traffic, profit, popularity of name, etc. The more in-demand names are often auctioned to the highest bidders.
But this all comes down to providing lots of targets for the vultures to set their sites on.
With the ease of attaining a domain name, also comes critical jurisprudence in knowing who exactly one is dealing with. The net can be dangerous place for the incautious.

I often entertain the notion of collecting a pile of "help-line" phone numbers and email addys of scammers and recirculating them back towards other would-be scammers. Admittedly, my counter-espionage skills need much honing. But the more time they waste sorting out each others' BS, the less time they have for offering their crap to us.
Scam the scammers!

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