Date: 14:35:49 on Monday, May 08, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Not spam. It's SCAM

First off, a legit service would not place a renewal notice in a place like right here; they would contact their customer privately.

Note too, that the bottom of their "Notice" page is peppered with fake "business partners" logos, with names selected to emphasize and imply "trust" and "security". However, all these logos are UN-clickable; they don't want the legit companies to know that people are linking from a scammer-site. Classic scammers' "window dressing".

Though I'll have to wait and see, I'll bet dollars to donuts that the "Registration Period" will ALWAYS be three days from when anybody clicks any of their "notice page"s to view it.

Interestingly, GOOGLE is also up for renewal with them in three days(also for the low low price of just ninetyfour dollars and zero cents).
Same thing for domain-host GoDaddy, too:

Nice(for them) "Payment Method" button too. Only option is credit card, and you get to give away personal info like CC details, email addy, and phone#.
These fakers need to go fly a kite.

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