Date: 05:57:04 on Friday, May 05, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: A couple more

No blockbuster, but worth a look. "Their Finest" might be the best of the lot, based on rating and the synopsis ( not counting my new copy of "Silence") One Irish comedy,posted above, "The Young Offenders" and this one might have some laughs for you if you like their brand of comedy, anyhow..

"Carrie Pilby"(2016)

WebRip, 802MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:38:14!ZF4BRBzL!dx1HSplJFiKB8IMORzAly12w72qK3nwe1yKXk4J1OKs

"The Comedian"(2017)

WebRip, 1.39GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1500Kbps, 1:59:54!lU5wlATa!FH6FkKwdmxn7OKIbnSpHm5-jkdpbK_va86EPcSAq1Wg!wYgSkAbC!dxYq9efG6LM_QXWN78u7M8t3QsEpfT8LFcvvFHCXSUw

"The Space Between Us"(2017)

WEbRip, 1.32GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1500Kbps, 1:55:22!VEQXXQCT!knSx8IXznPNVQFBCNFtUrGwhScPk_ompIFOLkLQud-E!kVhDCICL!-gfxe-cecz4UtxWWuG9WeoGi4NndTZXAer7RFljDu_M

"Their Finest "(2016)

WebRip, 1.29GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1500Kbps, 1:56:38!wQ4wAKIJ!ls920lQiIaqj-Vzh42dlXsoGDMZtpdQZFWvNN73Nxgc!YR4DQCrY!XfEOEksfLkfx6x6H5S016UjLSsaUj_2Dg3EhZNIf6y8

"xXx The Return of Xander Cage"(2017)

WebRip, 1.17GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1500Kbps, 1:47:08!1RRhxYpZ!-Cp8L8wY0RDYuo79bUo-8fKriVcUvGconEMxdUBGSAI!lI4S0RII!H4BxEPKsIq3lCYptHSm1R-PdzQ9RvhNXfs2ARp3ou_U

I've already uploaded this twice, and my last WebRip was a decent copy, but I got a Blu-ray for myself, and ripped a great copy to share for anyone who has still not dl it, or watched it. Its a little larger file, but half as large as the 5GB h264 version with equal quality would be. It will play great on larger screen, such as the new 4k smart TVs. Its 1080p, which may mean something at this HEVC bit rate. Certainly suitable for your digital collection.


BRRip, 2.46GB, AAC stereo@192Kbps, Mkv(h265), 1080p@2000Kbps, 2:49:09!ddxjhJ7R!dw7bZaB4PCo5ESm0Tc10spHwYRVp1fICIT8vFeTDN3!ZZomzAgR!zTcGvsTyygiqrMhJiXEoj6RukoDOrCH3LWfW_lQOYfs!YBx1mBAZ!trJO3U7Q83iqRkdxA1BsRtaSX4JgQK7QWveK6j-NyRc


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