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Date: 14:25:18 on Saturday, January 09, 2016
Name: midnite
Subject: Just me putzing around.

Just a few things for the new year before I pop off to eat.

I'll keep mnc productions (which is essentially just odd and the tech forum) going for as long as people gather here. The cost is low enough I can pay it with the bit of revenue that comes in (I suspect that's you with your vb membership!).

midnitefilms I might flip to blog format and use it as a public bookmarking site, for lack of a better phrasing. That will get me posting again, and I do miss the gang and vibe at Odd.

I have a third site which has always been clean of adult material. That one I am eager to play with again, which will also pull me a bit more online.

Okay, wife and food beckons.

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