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Date: 01:47:20 on Monday, May 15, 2017 [Post edited: 01:49:12 05/15/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Major ransomware attack

I can't avoid thinking that this is largely on NSA's shoulders. For what I know so far, wannacry is a variant of a leaked NSA tool. If the leak was from NSA's internal personell, then they've got some serious vetting and accounting to do. If the leak was from someone who broke in, then hell's bells- It would be the absolute height of irresponsibility to develop so powerful a tool, that has the potential to do so much damage and not have in place, nuke-proof firewalls and security.

However that got into the world, NSA has effectively become iNiSA(interNational inSecurity Agency).

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