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Date: 14:56:36 on Sunday, May 14, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Major ransomware attack

You raised excellent points, Vic. It is not a simple issue. I can certainly see both sides of things. Yes, we have held automakers and other industries to a higher level of responsibility, but that comes at a cost. How far to go with that. Should we require cars to have bulletproof glass to prevent drive by shootings or thievery? Perhaps, at some point, technology will develop a light INEXPENSIVE material for windows that does just that. But, meanwhile, is is fair or prudent , to sue car makers each time someone is shot, or has their car stolen because the glass isn't impenetrable?

I think we see now why Redmond wants to have a single continually updated version of their OS and why they want to force us to have it updated. The more I think about it, the more I understand, especially in lieu of this situation. When you start regulating giant industries like MS, you need to remember to be rational and not let their periodic arrogance cause you to make unfortunate choices. Because, ultimately, despite what some would have you believe, we all pay the price.

Btw, here is the info on the "killswitch" used to stop the malware. Wow, what fun to know enough to do that. My 16 yo grandson is pretty smart - not geeky, but I am going to e-mail all these stories to him. Been telling him that the future is going to pay the geeky techs big time $$$.

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