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Date: 05:54:35 on Sunday, May 14, 2017
Name: Vic
Subject: Re: Major ransomware attack

Definitely lacking in the way of best IT practices, especially Telefonica, very embarrassing for an ISP that ought to know better.

But MS is coming to the rescue with a patch back to earlier no longer supported versions of their OS, just a PR stunt? who knows but both MS and the NSA are being scrutinized in this fiasco.

This raises many questions, the argument that a product is no longer supported can only go so far, other industries (auto, aero, pharmaceuticals, etc.) are held to higher standards. As computing is becoming an integral part of our society rules and responsibilities for that industry are likely to be challenged in the courts. The coming days will shed more light on this issue, it will be interesting to see how this develops.

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