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Date: 20:57:58 on Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: can someone suggest a VPN?

The better pay VPNs usually have more server locations. All you need to do is find one outside of Australia, and in a country where its not blocked.Somewhere in SE Asia should work. Closer server = faster.

Disclaimer: I know little to nothing about laws in other countries. For example, in the UK, I believe it was, one fellow was put up on criminal charges for merely running a VPN service, because authorities said they could be used to circumvent CR!

I apologize, but there was one VPN that came very highly recommended to me, not on that PC mag list - ExpressVPN. In fact,for me, it came down to that one and IPvanish. The final deciding point for IPvanishwas price. Surprise :)

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