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Date: 15:16:57 on Wednesday, May 03, 2017 [Post edited: 15:18:52 05/03/2017]
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: can someone suggest a VPN?

There are oodles to choose from, a number are listed with features here, including some with "free:" options. Of course, is "free" really free?
You can check the details,2817,2403388,00.asp

I use IP vanish. I chose it because of a combination of features and price. Whatever you do, you want to make sure your traffic is encrypted to the VPN server and preferably they do not keep logs. The US is one of the few countries where it is legal NOT to keep logs; so if a bot identifies the IP on a torrent, and they query or get a court order to identify you, they can't - because there is no record. Also, you want to make certain they allow torrent traffic - that's where you are most at risk, without a VPN. I had a letter sent to my ISP because I was inadvertently "naked" for less than a minute. The BOT don't care! Probably any of those listed meet those standards, but make certain.

Canada , it appears now requires VPNs based there not only to keep logs but monitor for CR violation. Nice.

So far, in the US at least, ISPs are not packet sniffing your internet traffic - so dl from sharing sites remains safe. I can't speak for other countries - an encrypted VPN would be of value, in that case, of course.

Based on recommendations I got, from others, Private Internet Access, NordVPN, and IPvanish were possibly the top 3,and definitely met the standards I listed above, but any of those on the PCMag are worthy of consideration, I'd say. Just do your research.

Good luck!

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