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Date: 07:11:52 on Monday, May 01, 2017
Name: Vic
Subject: Addendum

For some reason all the text below the link didn't get posted, probably a finger problem on my end, so here goes.

The science (if you can call it so) behind web page targeted ads has evolved to the point that even the savviest can get sucked in. I've made a list, if there is one missing do jump in:

1) Cookie ads, those annoying ads that seem to follow you no matter which site you visit, deleting cookies will alleviate the problem.

2) Cookie pricing, shopping sites that adjust the item price based on your visits, same solution as above.

3) The location ads, these are the worse as they slow down page loading to a crawl since you have to wait for local ads based on your address to load from a server that may be half way around the world from the one you are visiting.

4) The unwanted downloads, ads that unbeknownst to you are downloaded to your temporary files to be at the ready should you decide to click on them, mostly of the video type, they chew up your bandwidth cap if you have one.

5) The redirect or pop-up ad, for every browser solution against those they come up with a new way around it.

The amount of money spent yearly on advertising is astronomical proving indirectly that those ads do work.

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