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Date: 05:49:00 on Friday, April 28, 2017
Subject: OY headaches already!

I got a Win7 ver for the laptop. Seems ok, not as resource hungry as AVG was.

I removed AVG from this machine, (XP box) WHAT a hog! Went from ~600mb idle mem usage to under 300mb idle usage.

I got XP vers of Avira, but it kept crashing on install and wouldn't install.

So I tried Avast! OW my ARSE hurts! No, just NO! Even worse resource hog, & slowed browsing down to a crawl, regardless how I set it, + it would NOT let me go anywhere near anything owned by Google (like YT & GM) kept saying the certificates were invalid and no exceptions could be created! So I got rid of it!

Gonna try Panda for this old machine.

Wish me luck!

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