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Date: 08:38:47 on Thursday, April 27, 2017
Subject: CAN you believe it?

I finally got the Chrome/Firefox problem sorted out after hacking thru the registry and deleting all refs to Chrome and FF browsers.

3 weeks, not 1 problem!

Earlier, AVG pops up a warning saying it found a rootkit and deleted it. Then it suggested a bootup scan to double check, so it did that, took about 10 mins. Found 0 infected files.

Booted back to Win7 desk top no issues.

Then 15 mins ago, I look at my laptop screen, and guess WHAT is back on there? That's right, CHROME & FUCKING FIREFOX!!!! WTF??? AVG did it!!!! It restored the cunts! Arrgghh!

So I ran regedit again, and only found 1 or 2 refs to both, so deleted them!

Prob ok again now, but the AVG I got is useless now, so I am asking for FREE, A/V software recommendations.

Thanks all!

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