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Date: 05:36:00 on Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Big brother is watching

I got one so I could communicate better with family here in town and away after some health issues. It was pretty primitive - 3G unable to stream TV weather info in severe tornado weather. I got a 4G for that reason. But I really liked to get live radar, so I can make my own threat assessments. Several years ago I went to a shelter and told them I thought sn approaching storm might very well spit out a tornado and 15 min.later sirens blew and a significant tornado roafed through the center of town, causing high end EF1 damage. The fireman gave me a high 5. All from radar on my cell and long interest in storms and some schooling I still use my phone for radar when away from home and TV or computer.

I have to use my location at those times always, but it doesnt show on Google Maps !

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