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Date: 03:16:44 on Sunday, April 02, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: got the pic

Yeah, emphasis on "nerd"! Mainly guitar, but I'd be pushing it to call it "playing". More of a NOISEician than a MUSician lol; sometimes I get lucky and it sounds like music. Maybe adequate for informal ad-lib bullsheet jamming. You WON'T see me on YT or in concert any time soon.

It's actually the technical and internal guts side of guitars and effects that started and maintained my interest. Being a chronic tinkerer, done a lot of rewiring, component subbing, and altering beyond original factory design. I void all warranties.
I largely "blame" this guy and his book:
Craig Anderton's Electronic Projects For Musicians

Style wise, mostly comfortable with classic rock, blues, garage noise, simple chord Ramones type punk, etc; the OLD stuff. Wanna get more into surf; hence my current inquiry about reverb pedals. I know they say "It's the player, not the equipment." But all the same, it really does help, in all aspects, to have the right equipment to play with. Crappy or wrong sounding stuff is just so UN-inspiring.

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