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Date: 11:26:10 on Saturday, April 01, 2017 [Post edited: 11:27:29 04/01/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: got the pic

mmm no idea why it's not coming through with the Image URL box, but did find a work-around, by putting that 'Backup link' in the HTML 'img src' tag; doing it by hand, so to speak.

Admittedly, don't know the brand cuz I've been out of the equipment loop for too long. But I'll give that one a listen too, if the local shop carries those. Most of my stuff is EHX from the 70s and 80s(Small Stone phase shifter, Electric Mistress flanger, Poly Chorus flanger/delay, Slap Back Echo). Most of these are semi-butchered due to my being a chronic techie-tinkerer with more solder than sense. But a few years ago, finally got a Big Muff PI(IC version); not gonna screw around with that.

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