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Date: 03:38:41 on Saturday, April 01, 2017
Subject: Recommend a reverb pedal? SEE? I told Midnite

we needed a musical forum page here! Sadly Harper would have helped with it, but he's now jamming with Chuck Berry et al! :o(

Might have been better to ask @ Odd, kinda off topic here.

Rev pedal... the 1 you mentioned is certainly a good 1, emulates those old Fender Reverb tanks of the 50's & 60's.

Digitech make some good 1s, but are pricey, but if you want frugal, Mooers, Hotones, & Biyangs etc are pretty good.

I have on my pedal board atm the MOOER Shimverb, & it is very nice. Has 3 types, a Fender like spring, a hall, and the shimmer, which is only good as an effect in place, as it has synth & octave elements to it. Really only good for a single guitar playing on it's own.

The other 2, 'traditional' reverbs on it are VERY good! You can adjust mix, decay length/size and tone of the reverb.

CHECK it out.

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