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Date: 10:00:32 on Friday, March 31, 2017
Subject: Hey Fred!

As to answer your question:NO, it didn't. IF it did we would NOT even have a thread about this in the 1st place lol!

It NEVER showed up in 'add/remove' programs cp.

Like I said, I THINK i d/l a portable version, non installing.

Oddly, AFTER running Rogue, it got RID of my old installation of Firefox! THAT could have been the link. ALL my other browsers are still there.
IE, (which is never used) Seamonkey, & Pale Moon.

Fire/Waterfox is GONE!

Chrome has at this point, NOT shown up!

Some other reg keys MAY have gotten removed by the various scanners I used.

As to the 'app' I never installed Chrome for those.
Why would you?
Anway, it seems ok atm...

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