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Date: 09:35:27 on Friday, March 24, 2017 [Post edited: 10:17:46 03/24/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: IS Chrome a VIRUS???

You might have the "Fake Chrome Browser" virus.
Google(or should I say, search) "fake chrome browser" for more info; it's out there.

Going on that the "version" is indeterminate, and that it does not appear in add/remove programs, suggests that it's not Chrome, but a virus pretending to be Chrome. If this is the case, it likely snuck in as a hitchhiker or drive-by install, bundled in with another program. Those "Do you wish to also install app 'x'" options are insidious what with there double-negatives, hidden check boxes, obfuscating vernacular, etc. And sometimes they just install the crap-ware anyways, regardless of the users' choice. Even if the user explicitly affirms that they want Chrome, it may not be the legit Chrome they end up getting.

A small side test(which may be more effective after uninstalling and cleaning up the "Chrome that won't go away": Install Chrome directly from the official Google site; 'Google Chrome' should show up in the add/remove programs section, like most other legit apps, if it's the real deal. And while you're in add/remove programs, look for programs you don't recognize or that look suspicious; these might be the real culprits. But research whatever you suspect; it's also easy to delete legit stuff. Check also in Start/Programs for stuff you didn't ask for.

The best I can suggest at this point, is to aggressively scan and clean the PC with everything in your arsenal of malware and virus cleaners, and other "problem specific" cleaners. But DO watch that these special cleaners are also legit. Search also, for instances of other people having the same issue and how they're dealing with it.

Been on this crappy trip more than once; bit of research and foot-work but sometimes the straightest path is through the mud.

Hope an easy/easier solution comes your way.

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