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Date: 03:19:29 on Friday, March 24, 2017
Subject: IS Chrome a VIRUS???

I had Google Chrome on my laptop to try it out a while ago, did not like it as it would NOT let me do what I wanted, (which was lift video files off YT)So I left it.

Decided to get rid of it last week. Had to do some research on how to delete it but the most obvious way wasn't for me. I can't remember whether I used an installable or a portable ver.

When I tried to uninstall, it did not show up in the add/remove progs control panel in Win7.

Every article or YT vid I found only showed THIS way of uninstalling.

Soooo I found a few other articles that suggested a 3rd party uninstaller for stubborn programs.

Used that, removed, reg entries, deleted all the install directories.

Guess what?

5 times, I did it and each time I switched the laptop on again, THERE was Chrome reinstalled and working! ARRRGHH!

My virus comment related to that every time I found Chrome reinstalled, it was installed under a DIFFERENT directory name EACH time!
As if trying to trick you!

If THAT is not virus like behaviour, IDK WTF is!

Anyone else encountered this with Chrome virus, I mean browser?

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