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Date: 11:15:47 on Monday, March 20, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Beware Flash Player Pro

I don't know if this is directly applicable, but...

These "ransom-ware" virii that lock your PC/laptop..

"The FBI"
"The CIA"
"Homeland Sec."

and so forth....come in a variety of degrees of maliciousness....

As ya'll have probably discovered.

Most can be easily disposed of using Win "task manager" to kill the "processes". And as long as you don't "restore" the browser session, you can recover quickly.

The most malicious ones I've experienced even lock out the "task manager". Even shutdown is locked out.

For these, I've had to "kill" the power and restart into "safe" mode....and then choose another Win restore point and reboot.

This "unlocks" my PC/laptop and then I perform a virus scan to eliminate the source of this BS.

Don't know what I would do in the case of older Win machines that don't have this restore point capability.

These fiends that create such crap should be "ISIS'd", etc.


For these, I've had to

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