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Date: 19:40:49 on Sunday, March 12, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: BSOD

"only happens when playing a video (games work fine)"
That's one point to start zeroing in from...

It's possible that the new video driver needs other(already present or newly needed) drivers and codecs to "catch up" with it, and fresh re-installation of media players and/or codecs will take into account the new video driver and install what the player needs to work with it.

-Happens with any video/media player? WMP, MPC, VLC, etc? A fresh reinstall might work.
-Codecs: maybe update or reinstall
-other things to maybe reinstall: directx, flash

It's probably good too, to run some virus/malware scans(ya do that anyways) to clean things up before doing any new stuff.

Re:games - if you can run something like flight simulator with settings and detail cranked way up without anything crashing(the PC, that is), it's probably a safe bet that the hardware is fine; this would point more towards a media player issue.

moviefan already mentioned thermal compound(yeah, heat really can bugger things).

Dunno what else...

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