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Date: 14:57:11 on Sunday, March 12, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: BSOD

Hey, Fred

I looked your PC up...and it's nice...

Not any high expertise level here, either.

Don't know if this link will help, but here it is:

This might be anecdotal on my

Given the specs listed in the first link, I read where it has AMD graphics integrated with the AMD processor.

Is it possible that the thermal compound needs replacing? And might cause Win 8.1 to react by BSODing?

Should be easy to check, compared to a laptop.

I realize it seems totally unrelated....

Another thing to check H/W wise...

It's been my experience that one of the 1st things to "fubar" on an OEM desktop is its power supply(PC fan croaks prematurely, etc.).

If you have a DVM, can you check for the proper voltages supplied to your motherboard?

Like +/-5V and +/-12V, etc.....

Perhaps the PS is about to the PS running hotter than normal? Whatever normal was?


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