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Date: 22:51:58 on Sunday, March 12, 2017 [Post edited: 22:53:57 03/12/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Big ISO files

You'll need a drive formatted in NTFS for files that big.

You didn't mention exactly what you're installing so it's hard to address any specifics or approaches.

I ran across this and I dunno whether or not it addresses your particular project; the article was written for a specific process, but the approach and the tools it uses might be useful towards what you're doing.
It's mainly about OS install, File System, and bootability.
If bootability is not part of the issue, and you want to save files in sizes larger than FAT32 allows, then NTFS format will take care of that.

Again, more specific info helps us take better aim at a solution.

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