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Date: 18:59:52 on Wednesday, March 08, 2017 [Post edited: 19:47:35 03/08/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Big ISO files

These are meant to be burned to Blu-ray Disks(single layer 25GB, double layer 50GB).

Barring availability of blu-ray Burner and Blu-ray Disks, save the .ISO file to medium of choice, ie., Flash Drive or HDD. Then, mount the .ISO file as a disk image in a virtual drive with a mounting tool like WinISO. The disk-mounting tool will give the virtual disk image of the ISO it's own drive letter and the computer will see it as just another drive, same as if you had inserted an actual Blu-ray Disk into a Blu-ray disk tray.

I've done this same process with smaller ISOs meant for DVDs and CDs. An advantage of working off a virtual drive on HDD or Flash is faster transfer speeds than optical drives.

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