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Date: 15:07:49 on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Big Brother is listening and watching

What? Good old telephone not enough? The old landline phones were often basically remote microphones that could be activated by bad guys and "good guys" alike. Cell phones are even more hackable with their multiple data routes and protocols...
Laptops with their built in mikes and cameras have launched the careers of many unintentional "movie stars" who believed that their activities would remain private. X-Box is NOT just a game machine. Automobiles are the next wave of spying and saboteur device; cars are now smart enough to record and report EVERYTHING that happens. Under some circumstances they may also be commandeered by someone other than the user. It's a double edged sword: good features for the user, or super spy tool for the black hats(including remote assassins).

Happy Privacy and Security, Comrades!

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