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Date: 16:25:48 on Saturday, March 11, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Thanks for the kudos, cougar

Hi, cougar

I give up on the sound issue...

Somehow that micro-ribbon cable that connects to the motherboard is loose at the MB connector.

That connector receptacle was too fragile for my "tender touch"....

So, the DVD drive and sound aren't working.

NP, as I'm used to the DVD not working(I use a USB DVD drive)....and the sound was lame to begin with...

You should see the pathetic internal speakers...bah, humbug.


The removal of old...and application of new...thermal compound solved the random shutdown issue.


In conclusion, when your old computer exhibits random shutdown symptoms, check the thermal compound used between the processor IC and it's heat sink.

This would have been a whole lot easier to do with a desktop PC...a "piece of cake", in comparison.


That was this laptop's problem.

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