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Date: 20:16:41 on Friday, March 10, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Try software approach first

Hey, cougar

I have to disagree....

The sound worked just fine before this...with the latest restore point that is my "reference" restore point.

The sound also worked just fine after I had removed the keyboard top cover and the DVD drive unit and put them back on....after cleaning the heat sink's fan blades.

Only after I had removed 5 "micro ribbon cables" and re-installed them....did the sound issue occur.

Had to do it because of the suspected thermal shutdown issue which was almost rendering the computer useless.

Turned out the original thermal compound used on the dual-processors had gone "bad". Removed old thermal compound with acetone(alcohol didn't do squat) and applied new thermal compound to the processor ICs, as well as the graphics IC, and re-attached the heat sink/fan assembly after cleaning the bottom side of the fan blades.

Is now running cooler.

But, as mentioned, it gripes that no sound device is attached to the system.

H/W issue...given all of the

Just to fill you in on where things now stand.


I have identified the sound "card" which is mounted near the audio output jacks in the front of this laptop.

So I checked the micro ribbon cable that connects to it, the DVD drive, and the motherboard.

Examination, under extreme magnification, reveals that there are no signal traces within this cable that go between the sound pcb and the DVD drive.

Also revealed that the micro ribbon cable is "multi-layed" side, bottom side, and a middle layer.

Some DVD drive signal traces are in this "middle" layer that goes on to the DVD/motherboard(shielded by ground layers on the outside).

This means the motherboard is controlling the sound and DVD independently of each device....

Making your eyes "glaze over" further, the DVD drive connector looks like a "mini-ATAPI" drive connector.....boomer can appreciate this.

And, one pin is just slightly bent...but could be making contact...but I can fix it with an X-Acto #11 blade...I think....:)

Now it's the connection of this micro ribbon cable to the motherboard....and the MB micro-ribbon cable connector receptable.

And I stress the word "micro"....Damn tiny...

Have to use extreme magnification to see the thing in detail.

The micro cable that inserts into the motherboard seems a little "loose" when connected for some weird reason.

Am convinced that perhaps a pin isn't making proper contact...which Win 7 interprets that a sound device is absent.

Thought of using "dielectric grease"...but am afraid of "cross-talk" between traces(because they're so close together)....

Or try a little "micro pin-bending"....

Upon being allowed to talk all this out...thank you guys....I think I'll try the grease 1st...

If it works, I'll know some pin/pins aren't making proper contact....if not, I can just chem. wash it off.....and try something else.

Anyway, that's the scoop now.....:)


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