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Date: 13:41:22 on Friday, March 10, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Hey Vic

Vic, when I discovered there was no sound(boot up sound), I saw that the audio icon on the task bar had a "red x mark".

When I clicked it, it reported the was no sound device. also, there was no sound device listed in device manager.

So, I think somehow the sound device was not connected when I re-assembled the laptop.

I hear you with regards to "don't push my luck"

But, I have no choice....

I hope it's a ribbon cable or such being disconnected...

It would be of great help to know where the blasted sound device I can concentrate in that locale within the laptop.

I suspect it's a micro-ribbon cable that's not "seated" properly, since this is the first time I removed any ribbon cables.

I'll report back later this afternoon....FWIW

Hopefully with


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