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Date: 20:31:53 on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Name: Moviefan
Subject: Re: Epoxy base thermal compound???

Hey, boomer

"not meant to be repaired"

That's what I couldn't convince Robert(the techie) to understand. In his defense, he hadn't seen the unit....those that he said he'd repaired had normal thermal compound....Altex Electronics, BTW.

Got the old tc off with collateral damage....I

The heat sink/fan is one assembly...can't remove the fan from the h-sink. But after cleaning the fan's underside, the fan sure as heck spins freely now....with clean blades on both sides,

I think I have identified the Geforce GT 425M graphic this IC is also in contact with the copper of the h-sink when mounted on the mother assumption being that the graphics IC would be the next "hottest running" IC compared to the main processors.

Now, this IC seems to have a "plastic encapsulation" where it contacts the h-sink...kinda like the package of an everyday DIP IC....???

With use a touch of thermal compound on it, too....even though none was used originally. I figure it can't hurt(famous last words, huh?)

Boy, when I get through with this, it won't be extra screws left over....but rather extra ribbon cables...LMAO

Do you remember "Origami" from along time ago....the art of folding paper to make objects of all sorts?...the Japs were masters of the art of "Origami"....and now, in the hi-tech world, they are also masters in the art of ribbon cable folding....

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