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Date: 18:23:23 on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Hey, boomer....Robert, the techie, was right.

Hi, boomer

I managed to get to the motherboard's underside...

The heat-sink/fan assembly slid right off....once I removed the screws to clamp that holds the sink onto the dual main-processor ICs.

I think Robert was correct....the old thermal compound had hardened completely.

Even the goo that had oozed out as the heat-sink was clamped down originally was hard as a rock.

Am in the process of cleaning off the old thermal compound residue with denatured alcohol....and then apply some new TC.

Also, I can clean the blades off on the other side of the fan to help restore proper air-flow to the extent I can.

Will report back if the laptop survives my "meat-ball" laptop


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