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Date: 18:19:07 on Tuesday, March 07, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: boomer, even one more thing to check

boomer, I went to Altex to get some F/F cat6 Ethernet connectors, patch cables, and some heat shrink....

Was talking with a tech who used to repair laptops...and he suggested(given it's age) that the main-processor's thermal compound might have "dried out"...preventing proper thermal conductivity to the heat-sink.

Or replace the heat-sink/fan

He did describe in detail how the "innards" of this laptop were....not even seeing it.

The series of "copper tubes" are not air ducts...but the heat of the main-processor is drawn away by convection thru the the fan which cools the heat-sink.

If I was to check this, I would have to somehow get the motherboard I can look at its bottom-side.

A daunting task for a novice like

Does that sound reasonable?....Or just "shop BS"...

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