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Date: 13:55:13 on Sunday, March 05, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Another thing to check into.

hi, boomer

Haven't viewed the event logs yet. I'll try to use the Intel graphics rather than the Geforce graphics if possible.

That's a good idea...perhaps that will isolate the issue and enable it to regain it's reliability.

Was using it to perform some H/W and S/W upgrades to my Mikado 800XX RC heli....The random shutdowns were making that almost impossible.

Here's a video of the heli acrobatic capabilities. Dahl is the best acrobatic pilot in the world.

Spent a week on these laptop issues, at least the older laptop with the "click button" issue was

Have to keep moving on the heli issue...higher

Thanks for your ideas. Keep 'em coming.


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