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Date: 14:20:57 on Friday, March 03, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Another thing to check into.

"although fan noise going up and down is a good indicator of heat issues in itself "

I thought that too, Vic

I wish I could get into the copper fan shroud somehow.

Since I found dust and such on the fan blades, there's probably some inside the shroud...and I can't get to it.

Have even tried opening the DVD tray in an attempt to allow better intake of air....with no conclusive results.

Perhaps it's disturbing the proper flow of air, and by cleaning it, it might help.

That's about all I can do physically.

I might open it back up and take another look.

Other than the DVD drive, which I can/did remove, there's just the motherboard. On this laptop, the screws removed from the bottom side allow the keyboard assembly to be lifted off.

But, there are several small(delicate) connectors/wires that connect to the MB....was afraid I would break something.

As a result, I can't inspect the underside of the MB/fan/fan shroud assembly.

If I can get it out, perhaps there's so hope.

I forgot to add that there's some co-incidental symptoms when it's charging....Have tried different batt packs with no change in operation.

Indicates all batts are in good shape.

Don't know how the charging mechanism interacts with the OS/other hardware.

Just guessing at all this, except for perhaps fan airflow obstruction.

I forgot to add this:

With regards to the changing fan speeds, at times the fan turns off(goes quiet). Seems that would indicate that the unit thinks it's "cool"....

Perhaps a temp. sensor is not operating up to spec....

The keyboard assembly is connected to the MB by a very short ribbon cable and some sort of microconnector(male on the MB end).

If I had an extension cable(or fabricated, I could run the unit with the MB exposed.....and using canned air....could spray certain areas in an attempt to physically localize
a "heat sensitive" area/areas.

Although(after talking this out), I could "prop" the KB assembly up, to the extent I can keep it's connector connected to the MB.

And then try localizing the "spray"....

But, then what?...."yeah, it gets hot over there"

Also, I wouldn't be surprised I need to get to the MB underside to get to the innards of the fan shroud....given the way these "jigsaw puzzles" are

I'll try to somehow get that MB to come out.

I don't believe the assembly personnel would be doing any soldering at the assembly stage. Too easy to damage the plastic housing with the iron.

Sure wish I had an "exploded view" of it's mechanical package or something.


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