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Date: 02:19:58 on Friday, March 03, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Hey, boomer

Ok, boomer...thx

It's a Sony VAIO 13" screen laptop and from the bottom labeling:

Product Name = VPCZ13GGX
Model = PCG-31113L
OS = Win 7 Pro OA

The shutdown seems to be heat related, but I can heard the fan running and changing speeds.

I have opened it's case and found that the fan, which blows air out through a copper heat-sink contraption, had some "gunk" on the fan blades(has over 50 blades).

Using contact cleaner and canned air, I cleaned the fan blades thoroughly....and made sure the fan was spinning freely by spinning it with the compressed air.

Can't replace the fan because the heat sink and fan unit are a complete assembly.

Many times when it shuts down, I'm running a graphic intensive program such as an RC flight simulator. Also, when I run the Win system performance evaluation program it will shut down during the graphics test.

I guess the NVIDIA graphics IC is getting to hot, perhaps.

I put it in the refrigerator for 5 or 10 minutes to see if it would not shut down using the graphics.

Doesn't seem to be any consistency of the shutdowns.

Other than this, it everything works just fine...

And I can sure see the speed advantage of an SSD over a rotary drive when disk intensive activity is occurring.

If it is heat, I thought about going to the computer store and getting a PC case fan...or something similar...and wiring it such that it could be plugged into a USB port and just blow air over that heat-sink from the

So, that's my issue with this computer.

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