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Date: 16:28:49 on Saturday, February 25, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Vic, you're a Win current issue fwiw

I came across an old Vaio laptop(Product Name = VPCF136FM/Model = PCG-81115L).

The label on its underside(where I found the above designations) indicates that it's using Win 7 "Home Premium OA"(whatever OA

To make a short story long, it was a "Best Buy" special. Which brings back memories of why I hate the "Geek Squad"...because I had to "hack" the registry of Win 7 "Home" to network with a Win 2000 server/workstation(Win 7 Pro has the method to do such built into it)....and the GS wouldn't "approve of that(the assholes).

Anyhoo, I had worn out the "right lick" button by playing silly games, so it ended up on the "shelf" to gather dust for a while...

In the process of performing "spring cleaning" and such that was started last spring...LMAO, I found this laptop and dusted it off...shined up like a new penny.

Except that I remembered the right click button....dang.

So wtf...I opened it up...very tricky, these laptop a damn puzzle to get even the bottom cover off.

I could just get the mother board "lifted" at the front where the "micro" contact switches are located when the "click" buttons are depressed.

I could "feel" the micro switches click when I manually depressed them, but I could see "wear" on the top of the plastic "standoffs" on the bottom of each "click button" where these standoffs contact the micro switches.

Gave each micro switch a blast of "contact cleaner" and went on to the "standoffs".

I ended up using some "5-minute" epoxy to build up a "layer" on each of these two "standoff" to repair the "wearing" down of these standoffs.

Here's the funny part....when I re-assembled this "puzzle", I had two "spare" screws left over....and one that shouldn't be installed before the bottom cover was put back on.

Bottom cover back off(requires DVD removal, well as the hard drive...forgot to mention that)...removed offending screw...back together...still had two spare

Tested the click button action without powering the right click button had too "thick" of an epoxy layer....I loosened the bottom cover screws near the "click buttons", and the button actions then felt proper....confirming too thick of an epoxy layer.

Back apart again...getting better at this(nothing's been broke mechanically and I found the location of the two spare screws)....

Took a nail file and gently filed a little layer off...back together again and with screws tight...the button action feels right.

Haven't yet applied power to perform the smoke test, although the charge led on the laptop indicates charging/without smoke....:)

My Win 7 question is.....if the above is successful....can I get the latest Win 7 "Home" updates, without the Win 10 BS causing problems?

I don't think Win 10 will even run on this machine, since it's a 32-bit machine. for the "smoke" test....


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