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Date: 06:19:02 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Name: Drifter
Subject: Finished

As I was looking around gathering material to make a long audio cable I remembered I had an FM transmitter somewhere (Marc's closeouts $1.99). After a lengthy search I found it. Got my little transistor survival radio, my best headset, put everything together and set up a trial run.

Spectacular absolutely spectacular, I'm very happy. I have complete control of my computer from the living room (my computer is in the spare bedroom). The picture quality on my TV is excellent the stereo audio sounds great.

This project was not brought about by your using h265 but rather my quest to watch your movies on my TV. I thought the stick would work, but not quite as good as I needed. All the problems are solved, time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, that's your labor thank you very much.

PS total cost $11.00

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