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Date: 05:50:15 on Monday, February 20, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Update

Glad you made it all work for you, /D. I have a wireless headset, but it doesn't work as consistently as I'd like - interference, I think. My hearing is horrible( about 10-20%) in one ear and deteriorating in the other; so the earphones do help. I have a good set of "Beats" wired ones( I "stole" from BestBuy at 13 the original price), but need a longer cord, also. I use them for music at the Y, walking.

I have always realized that using h265 might cause(and has) people problems, but it is a much superior codec and allows me to produce a high quality video with much less bandwidth and storage requirements. A 1 GB DVDRip is very close to the exact same quality as that of the original DVD, especially with 2 pass encodes, as I always use.

Also, a my 2 yo 4k TV enhances HEVC video so well that you can't tell any noticeable quality difference from a cable HD stream, and a larger 1080p video, like I sometimes post for visually intensive movies, almost looks as good as a Blu-ray.

I've using a wireless mouse for close to 6 years - way less cumbersome.

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