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Date: 08:04:52 on Sunday, February 19, 2017
Name: Drifter
Subject: Update

While wandering through my favorite closeout store I spy a wireless mouse for $3.99. That was the push in the direction of hardwire from my computer to my TV. I've found a better deal at "Fivebelow" a 12 foot HDMI cable for $5.00.

It was pretty much plug and play, I had to let my computer know there was a second monitor and that's it.

The wireless mouse works fine from my reclining chair, in fact the wide armrest works as a mouse pad.

One last issue, now to get some audio in there. I like using a headset to compensate for hearing loss. I think I'll just make a real long extension cable.

This was definitely a move in the right direction, I can kick back in my recliner and run my computer.


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