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Date: 04:08:11 on Friday, February 17, 2017
Name: Drifter
Subject: My thanks to all who replied.

My goal of course is to watch the great movies, so kindly provided to us by boomer, on my flat screen TV with my legs elevated. (doctor's orders)

I think we all know there's more than one way to get there from here. I have been putting movies encoded before (h265) on a Stick and plugging the Stick into the TV. In some cases I have used "Any Video Converter" to Re-encode using (h264) then Stick to TV.

My son wants me to use "Roku" to get where I'm going. That looks like it's gonna cost around $29.00.

There may be another way, my computer and my TV both have HDMI plugs. I'm not exactly sure what that connection will get me. I am reasonably sure that my TV screen will look to be the same as my computer screen, but what else if anything.

I'd need about a 10 foot HDMI cable (about $9.00) and then some way to control my computer from my living room chair. Maybe a mouse with a 18 foot cable?

Anyway this project is not complete, still in planning.

Thanks again to all who replied.


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