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Date: 06:49:31 on Monday, February 13, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Making gifs

Have not used those functions yet but, thanks; good to keep in mind for future projects.

So far, only trying out/auditing ezgif. It's simple yet comprehensive, straightforward, and linear tasking structure is easy to work with.

The illusion of the seamless loop is something of a holy grail for gif makers; it is not achieved in my experiment example below, but it was fun and worth pursuing. ezgif's controls allowed quite fine tuning of the start and end points and I found even a hundredth of a second(which in the action world can be a long time) could be a significant factor in affecting the aesthetics of the final product. I did not bother to tweak single milliseconds(I'd be fiddling with it for waaay to long.)

The example below was a few seconds of a rough chunk extracted, using Handbrake, out of a larger file, so it could comply with ezgif's file size upload restrictions. The end and start points were finalized in ezgif. Framerate is 25 fps. Size is 480x320 pixels(reduced from original 720x480).

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