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Date: 20:25:37 on Wednesday, February 01, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: For Vic..Samsung Smart TV firmware upgrades

They did come through....:)

At least they're making upgrades....enhancements rather than "fixes".....I

On my old(2009) Samsung 55" flat, it had a 5-band audio equalizer to tailor your TV sound.

These new TV's have an equalizer menu option, but when selected a message appears indicating it isn't available.....????

Perhaps Samsung can make tis feature "available" within the next few firmware upgrades.

Before I forget, I found a new way to clean the "grunge" off of those pyrex glass baking dishes.

Got a Samsung range and it has a self-clean cleaners involved.

It basically cremates all the grease splatter and after cooling, the cremated remains can be wiped off with just a damp scrubbing at all.

So, I put the baking plate in....and "voila" freaking scrubbing.

It's better than a dishwasher.....LMAO.



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