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Date: 16:18:02 on Wednesday, February 01, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: For Vic..Samsung Smart TV firmware upgrades

Hi, Vic

Thanks for the Samsung Smart TV upgrade links.

Updated both TVs

Now, for the rest of the story....

Just happened to check for any further firmware updates, and the UN50JU6500FXZA(50" flat screen) TV had a new firmware upgrade since you posted the link(Version 1464.0).

The new version is 1467.0. DL'd it, installed it, and everything's cool.

So I checked for the UN55KS9500FXZA(55" curved screen)....and they had removed ALL if they never existed.

Using the link you provided earlier, the firmware upgrade was Version 1154.0....and now it has been removed....???????

So, I called Samsung and asked what gives.

Some woman tried to BS me, saying never were any firmware upgrades....I replied that I had upgraded from the stock version to V1154.0.

And that she was very much misinformed.

After more Samsung tech support "malarkey", I was finally able to convince her to check with her manager.....and lo and behold...they have a V1160.6....

But instead of simply providing a DL link on the site you linked me to....these people sent me a USB thumb drive with the firmware upgrade via USPS.

And it's directory structure was not what the TV wanted to see(I used the 50" flat firmware install guide to arrange the dir. structure properly).

Then the install was done successfully.

What a bunch of

Wouldn't a DL link be cheaper than sending me a USB thumber(for free)?



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