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Date: 20:56:55 on Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Name: boomersooner (
Subject: Re: And also this...

My remark about Linux was in passing and the things you quoted had NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH to do with your favored OS or , especially, your opinion of it. I was simply replying to Movie Fan and explaining how my hardware has enabled me to do what I do much faster now. My command line reference concerned how the real video geeks do their work on Windows - Linux was the furthest thing from my mind.

No further off topic harangues will be tolerated. Period. If you want to go off the deep end, do so elsewhere, LT. I should not need to explain, because we are all mature grown men( outside of kristy, in absentia) here - VERY mature, in point of fact:). You can discuss Linux with others, if you wish, but you will not harangue me or anyone on the subject again.

It's best, to make things easy, that you please not comment on my posts or any thread that I start for the present.

Do not reply to this post, either( not a request) except via my e-mail address, where you are most welcome to contact me - I wish you would.. A private discussion might clear the air and sort things out.I have questions I'd like to ask. If you choose not to talk, that will be noted, of course..

I apologize to all the other Techies here for this - it's not customary; in fact its a first for my time here, all the way back to when Chook ran this. Someone suggested a while back to me that being a mod at this little spot should have given me some insights into a particular situation. I had to laugh. Tech? There's nothing to do - at least there wasn't And there won't be, in the future, hopefully. Personal dispute is not what Tech is or has ever been about, that I know of..

Again - NO PUBLIC REPLY, LT., at least until after we talk.

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