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Date: 18:47:56 on Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: And also this...

,,,from one of your comments earlier in this same thread:

"Maybe by then I'll be ready to try a different OS( not Apple!!)like Linux, if it doesn't strain my even more aged brain too much."


Forgive me for editorializing, but ONCE AGAIN I'm going to point out that you're both LOOKING AT THE PROBLEM the wrong way, and suggesting an strategy which won't (IMHO) work.

You won't ever get there is you think of switching operating systems as "at a certain point in the future I'll stop one, and pick up another." You'll never get there.

If you want to explore whether Linux will work for you OR begin to pave the way to an eventual switch, then begin GETTING EXPERIENCE with Linux while you are still depending on MS products to accomplish your regular tasks.

Load Linux on a third or forth computer and play with it a little. See if you can do everything that you can do on your MS machine. When you learn that 90% what you do you can do on Linux WITHIN 10 minutes of starting the program for the first time, you begin to realize that a switch, without great pain and trauma associated with the switch -- just might be possible.

But you need to have POSITIVE experiences working with the program, which you will only get if you experiment and try WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE SAFETY OF YOUR OLD OS TO FALL BACK ON.

Thousands, no MILLIONS of people have made this transition already, and they pretty much all will tell you the right way to go about exploring how and whether or not to switch to a non-MS alternative. And it won't happen, and it won't work the way you keep talking about going about it.

Make a live stick with a Linux distro, and either load it onto a spare machine, or load the LIVE version of the program (into RAM) and play with Linux without installing it at all.

Only then will you BEGIN the exploration which, of necessity, will precede a move to an non-MS alternative.

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