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Date: 02:08:40 on Monday, January 23, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Irony and other comments

Microsoft tells us that Win 7 won't work with new tech - because, in fact, Microsoft will not put out the drivers for it.. I have a 5+ yo Dell XPS 17, with Windows 7. I did not upgrade it for several reasons, but most importantly because Dell let it be known that they did not intend to put out new drivers for their legacy hardware on Windows 10!Obviously they want you just to buy a new computer, as Microsoft wants to push you into 10.

Note - I have Windows 10 on the 2 desktops I purchased last year. My mega machine with a i7 5930 processor, 32GB RAM gave me a choice of Win 7 or Win 10 when I purchased it. I chose 10 because I did not wish to install a new OS less than 4 years after purchasing the box. My other desktop( a Dell XPS 8700) came with windows 8 - no way on that, so I upgraded it right out of the box( simpler then, anyway).

Right now,while I've glimpsed some of what is to come with tiny bits of OS based ads, I think the future is going to be even bleaker, as they try to turn desktops and laptops into devices much like our phones, with sudden changes, little help adjusting to them, and adware a firm reality everywhere you go.

Maybe by then I'll be ready to try a different OS( not Apple!!)like Linux, if it doesn't strain my even more aged brain too much.

PS: I wouldn't be surprised if eventually Microsoft does a deal with the movie and recording industries to make it impossible to do what I now do - at least in the US. Remember that little thing in their Eula that gives them the right to disable any software on your computer, without your permission? it's supposedly to allow them to keep it from trashing your OS, or spreading malware, etc. but obviously it could be abused. Just a thought.

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