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Date: 00:05:58 on Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Cell phone reception suggestions

How does one plug an external antenna into a cell phone?

Never thought that was possible.

So, at your remote location, I would assume you would want to mount an external antenna.....on a tall antenna minimize the "radio horizon" effect to the max. extent possible.

Would involve some expense though...but not that much.'s my suggestion....:)

1) Select the best external antenna that suits your needs....given such expense.

2) Go to Home Depot(or such)....obtain some PVC tubing with connection "splints"...

2a) If there's high winds in you area, consider your PVC antenna mast design accordingly....meaning the outer tube allows the insertion of another tube of smaller diameter.

2b) At the top of your antenna mast, you can get(from Home Depot) some sort of "ring".....which can be used to "tie down" your antenna mast form the top to the ground using "tie-downs"....just like the "pros" do...check out a tall radio antenna mast.

3) When you design your antenna mast, keep in mind that your external antenna cable will be "run" down the PVC you'll need an exit "hole"(and it must be such that the "weather elements" are isolated...use silicon RTV from Home

4) External antenna orientation.....there's two basic types of ants.....Omni(rx's/tx's in all azimuths) and directional(rx's/tx's in more or less one specific direction).

4a) If your ext ant is not, then there's a procedure to "tune" your should rotate the ant slightly while monitoring the signal strength....when it's maxed....that's the best you can do...given your situation.

4b) Unless, you raise the height of your ant mast...get it up...LOL

But, as Vic mentioned, insure the integrity of your phone before investing on the above.


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