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Date: 12:34:04 on Sunday, January 15, 2017
Name: Drangd (
Subject: Re: Cell phone reception suggestions

I have a silicone case, took it off and wandered about the place and did not see a difference.
I typically have no 4G coverage yesterday was an exception, I had 3 bars of 4G most of the day. Today it is back to two bars. (-112dbm).
When I moved in and all there was 3G I never had any trouble. Then came 4 and LTE and the problems began. I was on the road so much that it was not that big of a deal for the phone not to work at home. That is over since retirement. I had a running battle with V for over two years over this. They even sent me a Samsung VOIP box and then had the balls to blame my ISP since the problem did not go away or get better, even sitting below the VOIP box like 3 feet. Sold all that and went to the other technology.

I tend to believe your correct about the equipment. Before I spend any more money on equipment I would like to discover a device that will work at my home. I am looking into the old flip phones that were 3G and you could plug in an antenna on the bottom. I had a lot of success with those here in Arizona and the SW. Not a lot of cash either. Then I will just move the sim card from phone to phone. Had a friend that did that long ago.

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