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Date: 15:18:25 on Saturday, January 14, 2017
Name: Drangd (
Subject: Cell phone reception suggestions

I have changed to the strongest vendor in my area. However I can not get a decent signal and some friends mention they have to call two or three times to get it to go through. I bought a Blu phone thinking it was my old S5, but it was tied to another vendor and could not be moved to the new network. Contacted Blu and they finally just asked for my paper work and I knew then they were not going to help. I had never asked for warranty.
I had a running conversation with the guys at Wilson repeaters and discovered that I need a 20 foot vertical and 50 foot horizontal separation from my OTA TV antenna. Antenna is in the center of the roof so that is out. I have moved the TV antenna for the last time and any higher and the HOA will be contacting me, again.

No one makes the amplified case for the Blu phone, checked that already.

I wish I could go back to the analog days. Magnetic antenna on the top of my truck and I had 3 bars everywhere in the SW USA. At least every where I went.

I am not changing networks, my neighbor is on this one and his signal strength is fine, even in my house. He has one of the newer Motorola phones and is writing the cost off on his business. I do not have that luxury.

Suggestions would be appreciated. Outside my home calls are OK. It is winter time and I do not want to go outside to talk to some one.

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